About the Clinical Portal

The clinical portal is our digital solution to support organisations such as ICPs, CCGs, PCNs, or even individual GP practices / Physiotherapy get the most out of getUBetter.
The portal has been developed to enable our customers to; analyse key indicators of the impact of getUBetter to their patient community; install the getUBetter patient prescription capability to their team; and an admin section that enables quick ‘in-app’ patient facing updates.


Providing insight of your patient community that you need to promote effective self-management, improve activation and uptake and monitor the impact your digital first pathways for MSK conditions


Our integration support pack is bespoke to your organisation. It is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to self-integrate and launch getUBetter into your clinical setting, website and patient community.

Updating patient information

You can update some patient facing ‘in-app’ content such as; your practice or physiotherapy phone number, contact email, branding and small notifications

How we are helping organisations and the NHS meet the needs of the UK population

We are providing clinicians with new ways to support their patients via end to end digital injury and condition management. Our cost efficient, evidence based technology is simple to integrate across the whole care system. It is a new way to provide recovery, prevention and support to every patient. Helping them before, during and after any contact with their local health system and so enables trust in their recovery

Reduced workload, improved productivity

Automisation of pathways, reduced appointments, referrals and paperwork. Improving productivity for CCG/large organisations, GP practices, clinicians and patients

Access local

24/7 access to local condition pathways e.g. back, neck or leg. Evidence based responsive content developed by clinicians in partnership with the NHS. Self-referral to local services, symptom checker and stratification

Safe & Secure
patient access

We are a certified CE medical device commited to data & security. We believe in Academic rigor & interoperability with NHS App & Medical Records Digital Health Technology standards